The company


The company Scientific Instrument Dresden, in short ScIDre GmbH, is a globally acting technology enterprise, which considers itself as a researcher’s partner. We are a strong team of engineers and scientists specialized in designing and marketing of research equipment.

Our major business areas

Development of research technology

Leading-edge fundamental research as well as applied natural sciences have a strong demand for specialized technology, which often cannot be fully satisfied by conventional respective industry. Highly customized systems are required to achieve outstanding experimental results. One of the main business areas of the ScIDre GmbH is the development of unrivaled scientific equipment with unique features, based on the requests and requirements of scientists.

If you demand specialized, custom-made technology for your research activities, please contact us. In connection with the development of equipment and technology, we also provide information and support concerning research funding and cooperation opportunities in order to give assistance with the project financing.


Technology transfer

Another business area of the SciDre GmbH is the transfer of scientific technology, which was developed and successfully used in universities or other research institutes, to an international market. Often, researchers are legally prevented or have no capacity or time to promote and sell self-developed equipment, although it might be in great demand. At this point, the partnership with ScIDre sets in. Based on transparent licensing and cooperation agreements, ScIDre is adopting the technological know-how from the partner institution. Furthermore, we perform our own engineering activities in order to make a prototype ready for the market or to react to customer-specific adaptation desires. In this manner, together with ScIDre, research institutes are enabled to satisfy demand for their self-developed technologies.

In case you have equipment, patents or process ideas which you would like to release to a market, please contact us. Beside financial aspects, your benefit is an enhanced international visibility due to the designation of licensed products and participation in further development results.

Further business activities

Contract manufacturing

Engineering Services

Software Development

General information

Our enterprise was founded 2009 as a spin-off company of the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden—in short IFW Dresden. A unique crystal growth furnace, which was developed at the IFW Dresden to operate under high gas pressures, was transferred to ScIDre as one of the first products. We refined the design and sell the apparatus successfully world-wide. In addition, we provide further unrivaled instruments for preparation and execution of crystal growth in fundamental research as well as highly specialized ultra-high vacuum equipment. The company’s range of products is complemented by customized engineering services and user-specific productions of single components and small batches within our campus workshop.